How to Survive Large-Scale Revisions

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So I’m back in heavy-duty revision mode and working on possibly the most intensive and drastic revisions I’ve done in…a while. Maybe ever. I’ve had to take my own advice about not being afraid to make big changes because this time around, the WIP needs it.

While in the midst of WIP surgery, I’ve been thinking about ways to try to make the process easier/less terrifying/more rewarding. And so far, at least, I’ve come up with a few steps that seem to be helping.

  • Make a plan. I say this all the time, but I’ve got to tell you, being organized while revising? So helpful. I’ve already written about revising in passes, so I won’t reiterate that whole thing, but it absolutely helps me to split up the work into rounds and tackle it one step at a time. That said, this time around some of my revision rounds have kind of merged together because tackling a character issue, for example, requires reworking plot stuff, but it has still helped to have some kind of structure and way of tracking my progress. Speaking of which…

  • Track your progress. People frequently ask me how I track my progress, and the answer is MyWriteClub! I’ve already blogged about the site’s awesomeness, but in short, I use MyWriteClub to keep track of my progress both as I draft and as I revise. And I can’t tell you how much it helps, because when you’re in the middle of a mountain of revisions, it can sometimes feel like you’re slogging through mud/not making progress/revisions will never end, but MyWriteClub helps you not only visually see how much work you’ve done, but it also tells you how much you have left, percentage wise. Which is so, so encouraging when you’re working.

  • Be kind to yourself. There have been several days where I’d planned to get work done, but after school/schoolwork/life stuff had very little time/energy left and I ended up not getting nearly as much revision work done as I wanted to. Reminding myself that not only is it okay to have a few slow days, but that it’s important not to overwork myself to avoid burnout in the middle of revisions has been important. My hour or two before bed watching Supernatural might sound like a waste of time, but I’ve found the free time is a necessary de-stresser at the end of the day.

Ultimately, large-scale revisions can be pretty scary and can easily become overwhelming, but I find if you break it up and do the above, the process can go much more smoothly. And in the end, when you have a shinier, more layered and ready-to-go WIP, it’ll all be worth it. :)

What tips do you have for getting through heavy-duty revisions?

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