Vlog: Help! My Book is Too Short!

You asked, I answered! Today I'm talking about what to do if your WIP is coming up short—literally.


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What do you do if you've finished your first draft and it's way too short? Gabe (@Ava_Jae) shares their top tips for fleshing out a draft. (Click to tweet)

Vlog: My Writing Routine

Many of you asked about my writing routine! So today I'm sharing everything from where I write, to my word count goals and more. What's your writing routine like? 


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What's your writing routine like? Gabe (@Ava_Jae) shares their general go-to writing preferences, from location, to word count goals, to programs and more. (Click to tweet)

Vlog: You Asked, I Answered 3!

You've asked me questions! And while I can't answer all of them, today I've answered some of the most popular ones. Enjoy!


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How do you balance writing & life? Or avoid procrastination? Gabe (@Ava_Jae) answered these questions and more in today's AMA answers! (Click to tweet)

Vlog: Ask Me Anything (About Writing) 3!

Have writing, publishing, or book questions? I have answers! Ask your questions in the comments—and vote for your favorite questions. I'll pick some to answer in upcoming vlogs!

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Have writing, publishing, or book questions? Gabe (@Ava_Jae) is taking them on their channel! (Click to tweet

Vlog: Can Books Be Scary?

It's Halloween...tomorrow! So today I'm posing a question I haven't answered for myself: can books be scary?

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Can books really be scary? Join the discussion on Gabe's (@Ava_Jae) channel. (Click to tweet

Vlog: On Writing & Burnout

In which I get real about burn out and trying to write through it.


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Gabe (@Ava_Jae) gets honest about writing and the realities of burn out. (Click to tweet)

Vlog: My Very First Manuscript

You asked, I answered! Today I'm talking about my very first manuscript—from how it came to be to what I learned from the experience.


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Gabe (@Ava_Jae) talks about their very first manuscript, why it's staying trunked forever, and what they learned from it. (Click to tweet)
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