Vlog: Ask Me Anything (About Writing) 2

Have writing, publishing, or book questions? I have answers! Ask your questions in the comments—and vote for your favorite questions. I'll pick some to answer in upcoming vlogs!

Twitter-sized bite:
Have a writing, publishing, or book-related question? Gabe (@Ava_Jae) is taking questions to answer on their channel! (Click to tweet)

Vlog: How to Brainstorm Great Plot Twists

How do you come up with a great plot twist? Today I talk about my two main methods and how sometimes things don't always go to plan—and that's a good thing. 

Vlog: How to Be a Good CP

You asked, I answered! Today I'm talking about how to be a good critique partner to your critique partners.


What tips would you add to the list? 

Twitter-sized bite:
What are some ways to be a good critique partner? @Ava_Jae breaks it down in today's vlog. (Click to tweet)
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