Vlog: On Working with Editors

Today I'm answering related questions I've gotten for a little while: what's it like to work with editors both in traditional publishing and freelance circles?


What do you think?

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Curious about what it's like to work with an editor in traditional publishing or freelance circles? @Ava_Jae breaks it down. (Click to tweet)

Cutting Back

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So. I'm sure you've probably noticed that for the first time in seven years, I've been missing blog posts as of late.

Sorry about that.

At this point, I think I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm overwhelmed. I thought things would get better after my school semester ended—and they have!—but I still have so much to do between freelancing, CP stuff, and my own writing that I feel perpetually behind everything which has not been awesome. And I've been so overwhelmed with that stuff that unfortunately I've been dropping the ball with blog posts.

So I think it's finally time I admit I need a break.

I'll continue posting my vlogs here—but if you really want more blog-like posts, you'll want to go to my Patreon. I do post there every month with updates, including newsletter like formats and random musings. Even the lowest tiers get access to the casual posts I put up every so often.

But mostly I need to buckle down. I haven't been able to touch revisions on a manuscript I desperately need to get out to my CPs—and I'm dedicating the rest of the day today to do that. But I also need to fully plot a book and write the first draft this summer, and much to my alarm May is nearly over. I'm also over twenty books behind on my reading goal of the year, so all of this is to say I need to give myself more space to focus on words, and reading—and, you know, breathing.

I'll keep posting here with updates, random writing posts and what not, but irregularly.

Thank you all for your support and patience.


Vlog: Was I Ready to Write a Series?

Today's question digs into my experience debuting with a trilogy—and whether I felt ready to tackle three books when I agreed to do so.


Have you ever considered writing a series? 

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In today's vlog, @Ava_Jae answers whether or not they felt ready to tackle a trilogy with their debut. (Click to tweet)

What Feels Like Home

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From May 10-15, I was in Michigan, visiting family in the house I'd lived in for roughly two years.

I've had a rather migratory life.

In my twenty-six years, I've lived in six homes and two dorms scattered across three states. My late teens and early twenties in particular were especially uprooted—between colleges and family moves I was constantly aware that wherever I was was temporary, that I wasn't going to stay. This made a lot of things awkward—especially relationships—but the most lasting effect was I never really felt at home.

Which, you know, comes with knowing you don't plan to stay. You don't want to get attached to anything—not even a building—if you know you'll be packing up and going elsewhere soon.

But as I flew back to my apartment, in the lovely city that welcomed me back in September, I was struck by a realization. Though I've only been here for about eight and a half months, for the first time in literally years...I really feel at home.

For the first time in ages I'm planting roots. I'm planning to stay. I'm making long-term relationships and collecting things of my own and most of all I feel good here. I can really say it's good to be home.

Which, to put a writing spin on this, has me thinking: what is home to my characters?

The answer, of course, will vary manuscript to manuscript and character to character. But I think it can be an interesting question to consider while drafting—and you never know what insights it might give you into your characters' minds.

What is home to your characters? 

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After 6 homes, 2 dorms, & 3 states @Ava_Jae considers what feels like home to them—& how to use that question to develop characters. (Click to tweet)

Vlog: On Book Ideas and Organization

Answering more related AMA-week questions! This time on idea generation and keeping track of ideas for your WIPs.


How do you keep track of your ideas?

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How do you keep track of your ideas? @Ava_Jae shares their strategy in today's vlog. (Click to tweet)

On the Cusp of an Exhale

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I've just walked out of my last day of class of my first year of grad school.


I'm not 100% done with everything—have one more thing to turn in, but that just requires light revisions before handing it over. And that has weirdly coincided with my publishing deadlines, which also still need to be turned in, but only require light revisions. So I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I'm on the cusp of an exhale.

I've had an incredible first year. And an incredibly busy first year, lord I've been juggling so many things. And this summer I'm going to be ramping up the writing and reading with the time I had to spend on school stuff.

But overall, I feel good. I made it (almost). I've done the hard part (all of it). It's been a wild time and I'm so glad I'm here.

Now the things I'm looking forward to:

  • finishing revisions on my YA Thriller and getting that out to my CPs and agent
  • plotting and first drafting my first MG ever (!!!)
  • playing Assassin's Creed: Origins. Also Horizon Zero Dawn. 
  • having an actual social life (whaaaat?) 
  • my first Pride :)

Lots to look forward to, lots to do. But the hardest part of this too-much-work mountain is over, and that feels really damn good.

What are you plans for the summer? 

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What are your writing/reading plans for the summer? Join the discussion on @Ava_Jae's blog. (Click to tweet)

Vlog: On Finding Motivation to Finish Your WIP

Got two related questions during AMA week on one important topic: how do you stay motivated to finish writing a whole book? So let's talk first drafts and making it to The End.


Where do you find motivation to finish your manuscripts? 

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Struggling to find the motivation to finish your WIP? @Ava_Jae shares some thinking that helps them reach The End. (Click to tweet)
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