My (Short) Review: The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker

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SECOND! The Priest’s Graveyard.

As I have mentioned and will make abundantly clear in the future, I’m a huge Ted Dekker fan. 60% of my bookshelf is comprised of Dekker books, and (fun fact) my little profile picture over there is indeed a stack of Dekker novels. SO that being said, some of you might consider me a little biased and others might assume I’d be extra-critical since I’ve read so much of his work.

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m either. I enjoy each one of his books the same way I would any other novel by someone else and if I thought the book was terrible, I’d let you know.

The Priest’s Graveyard, however, was anything but terrible.

The story begins with Danny Hansen, a vet from the Bosnian war who was left irreversibly scarred by the horrors he witnessed there. A teenager at the time of the war, Danny learned what it means to lose everything, what it’s like to kill and the ways of a tactical soldier. After leaving Bosnia he became a priest.

A priest who judges the sins of others with a shot of tranquilizer and a gun.

Then there is Renee Gilmore, a strung-out heroin-addict who is plucked off the streets and nursed back to health by wealthy lawyer Lamont Myers. But when her savior disappears, Renee is haunted by her lover’s would-be murder, and she will stop at nothing to avenge his death.

Two people with completely different stories collide, and when their lives become intertwined, they will take you on a thrilling journey where every twist will take you by surprise.

I loved The Priest’s Graveyard so much I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. Between the personal connections I made with Danny and Renee and the pages dripping with excitement, I highly recommend this one.

So! What books are YOU reading this summer? 


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Dekker, but I do like being introduced to new authors. :) At the moment, I'm reading Alan Hollinghurst (The Swimming-Pool Library), after which I will probably be reading some Stephen King.

Apart from that ... I've picked your blog for a blog award. :) Please claim it here:

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...
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Gabe (Ava Jae) said...

The Swimming-Pool Library, sounds interesting. Can't say I've heard of that one. And you can't go wrong with Stephen King. :)

Oh wow! Another blog award! Thanks so much! Don't know that I'll be passing this one along since tomorrow's blog post focuses on that but...thanks!

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