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 “It’s like falling in love, no matter how bad your last breakup is, when you’re falling in love you think this time it’s going to be perfect.”—Amanda Hocking

I got this quote off of an interview on YouTube I saw two days ago of (as you deduced from the tag) indie extraordinaire, Amanda Hocking. Maybe it’s because it was timely for me since I’d just finished my WIP hours earlier, but the quote resonated with me.

Because to me at least, starting a new book is exactly like that. When you start a new manuscript you don’t think about the others sitting in the drawer (or hard drive, as it may be). You’re focused on the story, you fall in love with your new character, your new plot twists, your new moments.

Some days the writing comes easy and the words come pouring out and at the end of the day you’re elated with your progress. Some days each word fights its way out and you want nothing more than to throw your keyboard (or laptop) across the room and scream at the sky.

But then you reach that magical moment where you can write “The End” and it’s all worth it. Because you just finished your manuscript and you have a real, completed full-length story written by your hands. Sure there’s a lot of work ahead. Sure there will be editing, writing and re-writing. But it’s written and it’s is special, you can feel it. Something inside you is tempted to believe that this time it’s really going to happen.

But it’s not always perfect.

I think every writer goes through this, which is why it makes the rejection even harder. We all have faith in our books; otherwise we wouldn’t put them out there. So to be told repeatedly in (as often is the case) a form letter no less, that our work just doesn’t have that spark, is devastating. It’s like, as Amanda put it, a bad breakup.

It doesn’t hurt any less each time the query process comes to a close and the manuscript takes its place with the others, and yet when we start a new story it’s rejuvenating. Beautiful. New characters, new journeys, new worlds! Your words take a life of their own and you fall in love all over again.

The cycle is exhausting, but that’s just part of life as a writer. And although I’m not yet published, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the heartbreak is worth it. I love every second of being a writer. Because it’s not about being famous and making it big.

It’s about the story. The characters. The writing. And ultimately, it’s about you.  

Here’s the full interview. I found it refreshing and inspirational. Hope you guys do, too:


Sara Burr said...

Great Post! I completely agree with you. Those who write as though books were their own personal lottery tickets are doing it for all the wrong reasons--and their writing reflects that. I thought I couldn't love an idea more than my last manuscript until I came up with the idea for my new one. It's both weird and exciting how that comes together.

Aspiring said...

This is a great blog post, and it really captures that great feeling at the beginning of a writing project.

The worst part for me, however, is writing the end. After five drafts of this novel I am working on, I have become extremely attached to it. It's like a marriage at this point, with all the ups and downs, and when those last words are written on the page, when those last edits are made, it will feel like a divorce. A big, messy, nasty divorce. That's how it felt on the last draft before I started sending it out, and I can feel it in my gut that this time, despite whatever relief I might have at the end, it is only going to feel worse.

Lovely blog post, though! I really need to go back and read more of these!

~Tiffany "Kysis" Tackett

Jennie Bennett said...

Wow! That is an amazing story. Makes me want to push forward :)

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...


I know exactly how you feel. It's so strange/exciting/fun/amazing to fall in love with a new story over and over again. Best part is the other novels don't get jealous ;)

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...


The end is difficult, but try not to look at it as a divorce (after all, you're not losing anything and you'll still see each other again!) I like to look at it more as pushing the baby bird out of the nest. It's hard and you don't want to see them go, but it's time for them to get out there and fly on their own. :)

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...


Agreed! I'm glad you liked the interview, I know it certainly gave me a fresh boost of confidence and hope. ^_^

Unknown said...

Ava!!! Finally, you saw it. When I watched it last week, I was inspired too. :) Hers is an amazing story and have you been to her blog? I love it as well. I even bought one of her books and it's on my to-read list. Agreed to everything everyone said, you write great posts! *hugs*

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...

@Lyn I have indeed been to her blog (which is why it's on my blogroll ^_^). Her story is pretty incredible and is certainly encouraging.

I'm so glad you like my posts! Thanks for commenting! *hugs back*

Kate DeAmour said...

Yay! That was such a good interview. I love her. Very motivational. Thank you, Ava Jae for posting this!

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