End of Year Countdown: 5 Top Fives of 2017

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Somehow, it's time for the last post of 2017! Wow. Strange to think 2018 is basically here—and what a whirlwind of a year it's been.

But of course, last post of 2017 means it's time to continue Writability's annual tradition of sharing my five top fives. So here we go!

Top 5 Most Popular Posts (on Writability) of the Year

Like last year, I used Google Analytics to find the most popular posts of 2017. Interestingly, while some of them overlapped with last year, many of them didn't.

  1. Why Use Past Tense?
  2. Why Use Present Tense?
  3. Young Adult vs. New Adult: What's the Difference?
  4. Writing Tip: Describe with Telling Details—Setting
  5. How to Write a Great Twitter Pitch

Top 5 Favorite (Writerly) Tumblr Blogs of the Year

Tumblr is awesome and there's lots of great bookish stuff there. Here are many of the writerly/readerly blogs I reblog the most from.

Top 5 Favorite Books of the Year

Top 5 Favorite Twitter Accounts

  • @Celeste_pewter for her accurate, patient, and incredibly useful political knowledge and down-to-earth advice. 
  • @Bibliogato for their perfect blend of writerly and political tweets. 
  • @ericsmithrocks for his seriously adorable corgi and baby pictures mixed with hilariously relatable writerly and readerly tweets. 
  • @veschwab for her incredibly open and sobering writerly tweets. 
  • @RileyJayDennis for her consistently great information on trans issues. 

Top 5 Favorite Movies of the Year

What? Top five movies? Yes, this is a new category, but I like movies and this year had some truly great ones. So without further ado, make sure you catch these if you haven't already.

  • Wonder Woman
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
  • Logan

So those are my top fives of 2017—do you have any favorites of the year you'd like to share?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Twitter-sized bites:
Writer @Ava_Jae shares their top fives of 2017—what are some of your favorite writing resources of the year? (Click to tweet)

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