Diverse Books Resource List 2016

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Last year, I created my first-ever Diverse Books Resource List, a list of lists containing loads of diverse books from just about every category. While initially I'd hoped to update it indefinitely, I quickly realized that wasn't going to be feasible for me, so instead I've decided to cover every year from here on out.

So without further ado! I present to you the diverse books resource list for 2016, organized alphabetically. Enjoy!

Body-Positive lists:

Disability lists:

Race, Ethnicity, & Religion-related lists:

QUILTBAG+ lists:

Intersectional lists:

If you have any 2016 lists you'd like me to add—especially for the thinner categories—let me know! I'd be happy to see this list grow. :) 

Where do you go to find diverse books?

Twitter-sized bite:
Looking for places to find diverse books? @Ava_Jae puts together resources from 2016 to find rep across the board. (Click to tweet)

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