Discussion: Are You a Schedule-Type Writer?

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A few days ago, someone on tumblr asked me what my schedule was like, because they were curious about how I juggled writing, school, and editorial work alongside blogging and vlogging. I started answering with the expectation that it'd only take me fifteen to twenty minutes tops to detail out my weekly schedule, but my estimate was just a little off—it took me over an hour (though this is partially because tumblr bugged out and deleted my post when I was nearly done the first time, but anyway).

As I wrote up my schedule though, there were frequently times when I had to go back and add things because I'd forgotten I also did x and y and don't forget z. It was kind of a good exercise for me, if only because I realized I was busier than I imagined—which made me feel a little better about falling behind on things and/or being tired.

For the curious, this is the answer I gave:

Of course, that doesn't detail everything, and the time spans are rough estimates, but the idea is the same.

For me, scheduling is necessary because otherwise I doubt I'd be able to juggle so much. A rearranging my schedule several times a year is also necessary because depending on the time of year and/or what's going on, my available time for work and what work I need to prioritize changes.

I know, however, that not everyone is into organizing and/or scheduling their days like I do, so I'm curious. Do you use daily or weekly schedules to get through your tasks, or do you keep your days more flexible? 

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