Patreon Launch Day!

So last week I talked about some pretty big changes for Writability and hinted at new things on the horizon, including a new platform. And now, to my delight, it's time to talk about that new platform.

Starting today I have a Patreon! Yay!

For those who don't know, Patreon is a site where fans can monetarily support content creators (anywhere from $1/month or per creation and up!)—and in return get access to some pretty neat perks. My Patreon tiers look like this:

  • $1/month—TIP JAR: access to patron-only content and polls!

  • $2/month—PROMPTS ARE FUN: access to monthly sensory writing prompts, plus previous rewards!

  • $5/month—PROMPTS ARE REALLY FUN: access to monthly character development writing prompts, plus previous rewards!

  • $8/month—PROMPTS ARE THE MOST FUN THAT EVER FUNNED: access to monthly manuscript development writing prompts, plus previous rewards! 

  • $10/month—I WANT TO KNOW THE SEKRET THINGS FIRST: access to a monthly newsletter-like patron-only posts where I will share sekret things first, plus previous rewards!

  • $20/month—OOH SHINY VIDEOS: access to monthly patron-only Q&A videos that will answer all of the previous month's questions, even if it's more than 4 minutes long, provided there were questions the previous month! Plus previous rewards!

  • $25/month—I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU'RE WORKING ON NOW: access to a monthly peek at a page of whatever I'm working on at the moment, both with to-be-published and not-yet-contracted work! Plus previous rewards!

  • $30/month—I WANT TO SEE YOUR TERRIBLE OLD WORK: access to a monthly peek at at least a page of my newly annotated old, trunked, never-meant-to-see-the-light-of-day work, plus 10% off my editing services, plus previous rewards!

  • $50/month—I WANT YOUR BOOKS EARLY: access to early signed copies of my published work, a couple weeks before publication (US only), 15% off my editing services, plus previous rewards! This is limited to 5 people because I get a limited amount of author copies. 

  • $100/month—I WANT TO TALK WRITING WITH YOU: access to a monthly 1-hour Google chat consultation with me where you can talk to me about your writing and I can give you immediate feedback! Plus 20% off my editing services and all previous rewards except the books! This is limited to 4 people for now because I can only commit to so many of these a month. 

I'm really psyched to get going with this—I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I've been looking forward to starting this new journey with everyone to see how it goes. And now the day is here and you can check out my page at this link. :)

So whether you think you'll be able to (or want to) join up or not, thank you all for your support over the years! I appreciate it more than you can know and will keep giving back as much as I can.


Twitter-sized bites:
.@Ava_Jae now has a Patreon! Try it out for writing prompts, sekret news, peeks at their work, consultations & more! (Click to tweet)

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