Bookish Update!

So fun news this week! We are now officially eight months away from Beyond the Red's paperback release and nine months away from Into the Black's launch, both of which I'm really psyched about. This means, of course, that pre-order links are going live—hooray!

If you'd like to get Beyond the Red's paperback, releasing in October, you can pre-order it on Amazon and the page is there on B&N but the pre-order feature hasn't quite gone live yet—but when it does it'll be on that page.

And! If you'd like to pre-order Into the Black, Beyond the Red's sequel, you can pre-order it on Amazon and hopefully the page will appear on B&N soon—I'll update this when it does.

But I'm really, really proud of Into the Black. I've just recently turned it in to my editor and I think I like it even more than Beyond the Red, which is weird for me to type but true. I'm super excited to share it with you guise in the Fall—I think you'll really like it.

So that's the bookish news! I'm super psyched to see the ball rolling and look forward to many more updates in the future. :)

Twitter-sized bite:
Want to pre-order BEYOND THE RED's paperback or sequel, INTO THE BLACK? @Ava_Jae shares some happy news. (Click to tweet)

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