How to Launch a Book (Part II)

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So on Monday I started my two-part How to Launch a Book series, and today finishes off with the final three months. Hope you guys enjoy!


  • Start seriously thinking about launch parties (if you want one). So I mentioned in the last post that you don't necessarily have to have a physical launch party (or any launch party at all). But if you do decide you want one, now is when you'll want to start getting the details in order. Where do you want to have it? What will it be like? Who will you invite? Start talking to your local bookstores (or whatever other venue) to get the details handled.

  • Giveaways! About now is when you want to really start cranking up the promo machine, and giveaways are a great way to generate buzz. ARCs, pre-orders, swag, something else—make sure you get the word out there and send out some free stuff to excited readers. Twitter and Goodreads giveaways are both pretty effective around this time and can help get the word out.

  • Make sure that blog tour is booked! Similar to launch parties, you don't necessarily need to have a blog tour, but if you decide you want one, you'll definitely want to have this in the works already. Talk to bloggers who have done blog tours in the past and find out what you'll need to get yours booked.


  • (It's okay if you) freak out. The month before your book releases is notoriously known amongst writers as a...shall we say, tremulous time? It's an emotional period for writers and often full of a lot of nerves, so make sure you take care of yourself this month.

  • Cry over final author copies. Or don't cry, but this is a common happy tears moment and it can be a fun thing. I recommend recording you opening up your first author copy, because it can be really fun promo to share and also just nice to have for yourself.

  • Answer so many interview questions/write all the blog posts. Assuming you're doing a blog tour (or at least working with bloggers) you'll probably have SO MANY interviews to fill out this month. Hopefully you've planned ahead. Either way good luck and try to have fun!

  • Make sure your launch party plans are finalized. Get those details set in stone! Your party is a month away and it'll be here before you know it.

  • More giveaways! If you have any ARCs left, now's a good time to give them away!


  • Know some people will probably get your book early (and it's okay). For all the build up there is to launch day, it's not something that's actually set in stone. Amazon often ships pre-orders early (Beyond the Red started shipping out over a week early!), and Barnes & Noble and other stores often put the books out a few days early or something even more. While it's not a bad idea to ask readers to hold off buying your book until your launch day (because sales that happen pre-launch day, for whatever reason, don't count toward bestseller list sales), it's not something you need to stress about. Just enjoy the pictures as they come in and know your book is heading out into the world.

  • Self-care. For real, this is an intense week. Make sure you pay attention to yourself, give yourself a reward, and focus on self-care.


  • Know you probably aren't going to get much work done. Launch day is a really exciting and fun day. Social media is often totally excited for you, you get to see your book in stores (probably), and you know today is the day. But also know all the excitement is very distracting so you likely won't get much done today.

  • Prepare for your launch party (if you have one). If you're having a launch party, physical or virtual, it is now imminent! Get yourself prepared and get ready to have fun!

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Curious about what goes into launching a trad pub'd book? @Ava_Jae finishes her 2-part How to Launch a Book series. (Click to tweet)

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