Discussion: Your Favorite Part(s) of Being a Writer

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With all the struggles involved in being a writer, many of which I openly discuss here, sometimes it's nice to stop and think about my favorite parts of my chosen career.

I love:

  • that moment while first drafting when the story takes over and everything starts to flow.
  • that moment while revising when your changes come together and the manuscript becomes better than you ever expected.
  • that my job is to make up stories. 
  • diving into a new story and falling in love with characters and words all over again.
  • that daydreaming (about stories) is totally working.
  • that reading is a job requirement.
  • seeing my book cover(s) for the first time.
  • making fun publishing announcements. 
  • that feeling of holding your book/manuscript and knowing these words are mine
  • meeting and talking to other writers, both online and IRL.
  • meeting readers.
  • the welcoming nature of 97% of the bookish community.
  • writing "THE END" at the end of a manuscript.

What are some of your favorite parts of being a writer? 

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