Discussion: How Do You Choose From Your TBR?

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So as I look at my bookshelf full of owned-but-not-read books (yes, I have a bookshelf just for my physical TBR), it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out what to read next. I have so many choices in my TBR (forty-one at the moment, not counting e-books and pre-orders) without even attempting to look at my Goodreads TBR (which currently has over 300 books)—and sometimes the sheer number of options can be a little overwhelming.

What do I read next?

This month the choices have become a little easier because I'm quietly following along with #ReadProud hosted by Julia Ember to at least help me pick out some choices from my stack, including some that have been waiting to be read for a while, like Love in the Time of Global Warming (which I am loving so far) and Cut Both Ways. The only downside of course is once I've read those I will have read all the QUILTBAG books I own, but I suppose that just means I'll have to buy more...

Anyway. After those, I haven't quite decided what I'll pick up next. I've got quite a few series books I could jump into, though I'm thinking I should probably stick to the cases where I have the whole series, like Sekret, because otherwise I'll want to buy more. I also have quite a few stand alone titles I'd like to read, like The Last Leaves Falling, Bone Gap, The Scorpio Races, Dreamstrider, and My Heart and Other Black Holes.

I also have two series enders that I'd like to read, but are so thick I haven't delved in yet: Bitterblue and City of Heavenly Fire...and those will probably stay on the shelf until I've gotten ahead on my yearly goal enough that taking a while to read them won't put me back much.

This is all to say I have too many choices, which is the best problem ever, but I'm curious. How do you decide what to read next from your TBR?

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