Discussion: What Books Do You Aim to Read Pre-2016?

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So it’s finals week! Sort of. It’s like, my last full week of class, but also have a final this week (today, in fact!), and also a class and more finals next week. I don’t know. My brain is so tired.

Incredibly, this means we’re running out of days that end in 2015, so I’ve been thinking about what books I want to squeeze in to read by the end of the year. I’ve already beat my Goodreads challenge (yay!) but so many good books and I may actually have time to do extra reading soon. So!

I’m currently reading Carry On and will definitely be finishing that shortly (update: I finished!). The Abyss Surrounds Us is currently on it’s way to me because I am a very lucky human, so I’ll definitely be reading that before the end of the year too. But then! So many options!

I really want to try to squeeze in Six of Crows before the end of the year too. And also Dreamstrider. Or Cinder. Or Storm. Or Cut Both Ways or Bone Gap. (I have all of these books. They are sitting on my TBR bookshelf next to my desk, judging me.)

Realistically, I think I’ll be able to fit in three books after Carry On. Possibly four or even five depending on how much reading time I get on my mini-actual-travel-vacation (I hear I might not have internet, in which case, probably a lot of reading time).

On the other hand, I also hear I’ll be getting new Assassin Creed games around Christmas…

Fun, short post because as I said my brain is tired. But I’d love to hear from you: what are your final reading goals for the end of the year? 

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