Vlog: How to Get Traditionally Published

In which I give the super quick version of how to get traditionally published in under four minutes.



Twitter-sized bite: 
How do you get traditionally published? @Ava_Jae breaks down the process in under 4 minutes in today's vlog. (Click to tweet)


Alyssa said...

I cannot help but notice there are quite a few moments of dead air, which I suppose goes to proving #7. XD Very illuminating vlog, Ava, and I do quite enjoy how the first few are about how to learn writing and write well rather than actual steps in publishing. After all, the important thing is to actually write good stuff -- which reminds me of your last sentence. Absolutely loved it :D *scurries back to word processor*

Ava Jae said...

lol there are indeed! I noticed that when editing but decided to keep them. They felt appropriate lol.

Anyway, so glad you enjoyed the vlog! I think that your journey to publication starts well before you send that first query letter, so I wanted to do those steps justice, too. :)

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