Vlog: Harry Potter Spells Book Rec Tag

Slightly longer vlog today because my CP Vicki Leigh tagged me in a Harry Potter spells book rec tag! And so I thought I'd have some fun and join along.

Happy viewing!


Twitter-sized bite: 
Writer @Ava_Jae participates in a Harry Potter spells book rec vlog tag. Have you read these awesome books? (Click to tweet


Heather said...

This is a super creative tag... Like seriously, half the fun is just finding out which spells are used! I agree with Artemis Fowl and the Grisha Trilogy, and you've convinced me to find something by Ted Dekker to read... So there go all my plans for this week. :)

Ava Jae said...

I thought it was such a fun tag, too! And yay! I'm always happy to share the Dekker love. Or any author love, really. But his Thrillers are really excellent. Enjoy!

Rebecca Ann Jordan said...

How fun! This makes me want to start a vlog... But I have no camera presence like you do!

Ava Jae said...

Aw, wow! Thank you so much! To be honest, I used to be massively camera shy before I started this... (I think I probably still would be if someone else was holding the camera). Heh.

But at any rate, it was totally fun! And I've found vlogging in general to be really fun. I recommend it! :)

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