Vlog: How to Make Your Villains Awesome

Today's vlog is about sexy villains! Or Vampire Diaries. Or Klaus. Or something.

Happy viewing!

Twitter-sized bite:
Do you have trouble writing villains? Writer @Ava_Jae vlogs about how to make them memorable. (Click to tweet


S.E Dee said...

But can't I just say Alakazam and then the book is written and perfect? No? Ok then... *turns computer on*

Hannah Hunt said...

It's actually really nice to find stories about people who didn't sell their first novel. I know it's not going to happen to most writers, but it seems everything you read online is about how their first manuscript found a home with an agent and sold and was wonderful.

I'm not saying that the seven years of rejection must have been a cakewalk, but I understand what you mean about growth, etc. I tried querying my first novel a good two years ago, it fell flat and now I see why in retrospect. I've moved on from the project, but I totally get what you mean about growth.

I've only been at this writing thing since 2008, and I've gone through six novels and a few rewrites at least, but I still don't feel like I know enough sometimes. But I try my hand at querying every so often I feel confident in a draft. I listen to my rejections if they're not forms, and try to improve from there. I think that's really all we can do as writers, listen to feedback and try to learn as much as possible.

It's a great post, Ava. :) Refreshing to have that dose of reality of not getting every first-manuscript published. And I honestly think those writers who don't, or who wait, come out to be the better ones with the longest careers in the end.

Ava Jae said...

Thank you so much, Hannah! I actually completely understand what you mean about mostly hearing about writers were successful fairly quickly—while I was querying and within that seven year period, I often sought out stories of writers who didn't have a quick success, like Beth Revis, because I found it really encouraging. Which is why I'm more than happy to share my experience. :)

It sounds like you've got a really great attitude concerning queries and how you handle your rejections—you're absolutely right that one of the best things we can do as writers is listen to feedback and try to learn as much as we can.

Here's to long careers for us both! :)

Ava Jae said...

That'd be nice, wouldn't it? Ha ha.

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