5 Things All Writers Should Have

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So it’s the end of the year and people are shopping, and the gifts are piling up (or will be soon?), and there’s wrapping paper everywhere (or you’re dreaming/having nightmares of wrapping paper), and…

Well. I thought it a good time to talk about five seemingly random things (for lack of a better word) that all writers should have. Because why not?
  1. Bookshelves. E-bookshelves are totally acceptable in this category, but the point is, we writers love our books. And we should! Reading isn’t just for pleasure—it’s how we learn and keep up with what’s in the market, and as a nice bonus, we end up with some really nice libraries at the end of it. Assuming you collect them like I do.

    At any rate. Books are a writer’s best friend, and so are the shelves that hold them.

  2. Scrivener. To be fair, the perfect program that works for everyone doesn’t exist, but I do think that every writer should at least try Scrivener. There’s a free trial online and an abundance of tutorials and honestly, I was a die-hard Word-lover until I met Scrivener. Now I can’t imagine writing another novel without it. 

  3. Critique partners/beta readers. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: critique partners and beta readers are worth their weight in gold. Hell, they’re worth their weight in diamonds. I’ve already written about why they’re so important here, but the short version is this: the most efficient way I know of improving your manuscript and your craft is to trade manuscripts with other writers of your level for critique. Don’t skip this step. Don’t. 

  4. Patience. Writers need a bucketload of patience—patience with others, patience with the process and patience with themselves. Publishing, especially traditional publishing, is a slow process. And before that, you need to give yourself plenty of time to develop your craft, and most of all remember time is on your side.

  5. A support system. Whether it’s family members, friends, or social media buddies, a support system is vital for writers. Writing itself tends to force us to spend time alone, and writers often deal with major ups and downs throughout the journey. Having a support system to cheer you on when you're feeling down and celebrate with you when you have good news is essential to an emotionally healthy and happy writer life. 
What else do you think is important for writers to have? 

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jezzell19 said...

#4 has been the most difficult for me. :)

Ava Jae said...

I suspect #4 is the most difficult for just about everyone. :)

themagicviolinist said...

YES!!! Four out of five! (I don't have Scrivener). Well, three and a half. Still working on the patience thing.

Ava Jae said...

I think the patience thing is something we all work on together, slowly, ha ha. But I definitely recommend you give Scrivener a try! At some point. :)

Myung Darity said...

This article was awesome. It made me think of something I have read previously

Ava Jae said...

Thank you so much! Glad to hear you enjoyed the post. :)

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