5 Good Habits for Writers

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Oftentimes when discussing habits, we talk about negative habits to try to break. But certain habits can actually be beneficial to try to cultivate.

Developing good writer-related habits is a great way to keep your writer side from getting dusty and continue to build your skills a day at a time.

Some good habits for writers include:
  1. Read a little every day. This is one I’m still working on, but have enjoyed the results so far. You don’t have to read for hours every day—even just a couple minutes a day can get you through a book in a couple weeks. But it’s insanely important for writers to read, and doing so even for a couple minutes a day is a great way to make sure you don’t neglect this important step. 

  2. Write (or edit) a little every day. Again, this doesn’t have to be a lot. My blog keeps me writing or editing six out of seven days of the week, and that’s just a couple hundred words. But the more you write and edit, the more you learn and develop your craft, and like reading, even just a couple minutes a day adds up. 

  3. Observe observe observe. I’ve written a full post about this before, but in short, pay attention to life. Every moment you live, every smell you inhale, every taste you experience, every touch you feel and sight you see can be used in your writing. Whether it’s the sting of a paper cut, the whistling, dangerous beauty of a blizzard, or really bad Chinese food, savor life to the fullest so that you can then incorporate it into your writing. 

  4. Find inspiration. Read a book, watch your favorite movie, visit new places, listen to new bands, try new experiences, go through Pinterest or tumblr and spend time away from the screen. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere—you just have to be open to finding it. 

  5. Daydream. Just about every one of my best ideas, the ones that have eventually become novels, started off as daydreams. I’ve found that most writers tend to be daydreamers anyway, and it’s a great way to tap into your innermost thoughts and see where they take you. 
What habits would you recommend for writers?

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Martin said...

The thing I couldn't live without doing is carrying pen and paper with me all the time. It helps me write a little every day and think about some of the other points in this post too, such as recording observations or books I've read.

Ava Jae said...

I use Evernote on my phone for those moments. Having some sort of notebook (online or otherwise) can definitely be helpful. :)

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