Twitter for Writers: Are You Following These Accounts?

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If you’ve read more than a couple of my posts, then chances are you’re well aware that I am a proud
Twitter junkie. 

When I first started using Twitter nearly two years ago I’ll admit I found the site a little intimidating. There were all these new terms and strange rules and the more people I followed, the faster my timeline flew by and I wondered if this Twitter thing was a such a good idea, after all. 

It was a good idea. No, it was a great idea. 

Over the course of two years, I have become acquainted with more writers and bloggers than I had throughout the course of my journey as a writer for years before that. I’ve talked to some of my favorite writers, been retweeted by agents, entered contests and met some incredibly talented people. 

It’s easy to get lost in the Twittersphere, but to make life a little easier, I thought I’d put together some of my favorite Twitter follows for writers. 

So without further ado, here are some fantastic Twitter accounts for writers to follow: 

Resources. These Twitter uses are chock full of excellent tips, blog posts and helpful sites geared specifically for writers. 

Humor. Because we writers have a weird sense of humor sometimes, but there are people out there who understand what we find funny. 

  • Waterstones Oxford St (@WstonesOxfordSt)
  • Tahereh Mafi (@TaherehMafi)
  • Nathan Bransford (@NathanBransford)
Contests. Remember those pitch contests I’ve been raving about as of late? These four awesome accounts frequently host contests and tell you all about it on Twitter. Must-follows for writers who are interested in contests. 

Literary Agents on Twitter. I’ve said it before, but following agents on Twitter is never a bad idea. They post great tips, and often run insightful blogs. I have a list of agents on Twitter. A list that I am updating as I go. But it’s a start. 

These are some of my top follows on Twitter. Who are your favorite writing-related Twitter accounts? 


Matthew Rowe said...

I still don't like Twitter. It's just too much information. Even with lists stuff just flies by and I can't see how you can really make a connection with a person because it's blond luck if they see your posts more than once, and vice versa. I like the random bits of information I get but as a consistent source, it's pretty bad.

Tina Barbour said...

I'm still intimidated by Twitter, though I am enjoying more now than when I first joined. Do you have a plan that you follow for using Twitter? I feel like I'm so disorganized with my Twitter use.

Thank you for the recommendations. I'll check them out!

Ava Jae said...

There isn't a social media platform out there that works for everyone. I wouldn't say it's really blind luck, though--a lot of people keep small lists to keep up to date with people they've built connections with, and really all you need to do to build that connection is reach out to people and be kind. Most won't respond, but the ones who do will often make a point to reach out every once in a while and say hello. :)

Ava Jae said...

Hmm, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "plan." Could you be a little more specific?

Melissa Maygrove said...

Great list!
There's one thing (besides actual follow buttons) that could make it better -- if you set the links to open in new windows. ;)

Ava Jae said...

I didn't? Oh boy...I'll have to fix that. Thanks!

Tina Barbour said...

Sorry I was unclear. What is your purpose for using Twitter, and what steps do you take towards that purpose?

Ava Jae said...

Ah, ok I understand your question now.

I suppose I have three purposes for using Twitter:

1) Sharing links with my followers. This includes everything from my blog posts, to posts I find interesting throughout to week, to tumblr posts, etc. For my blog, I usually schedule posts to go out at a certain time on sites linked to my Twitter (tumblr, Facebook). For other posts, I'll either share them as I see them, or I'll schedule them using Buffer so I don't flood my followers with posts.

2) Connecting with other writers & publishing professionals. I'm not sure I really have a PLAN with this point. I suppose my follow system falls into two categories: people who I find interesting and people who follow me that I connect with. For that second one, that connection could be anything from talking to them other other sites, to tweeting back and forth...etc.

3) Keep up with the publishing world/have fun. I grouped these two together because I go about them the same way: by scrolling through my timeline when I can and RTing whatever I find interesting or funny, etc.

So...that's basically it. Hope this helps. :)

sydney aaliyah michelle said...

Thanks for guiding me to your list of agents on twitter. Really great list.

J. A. Bennett said...

Love Twitter! I think I already follow all of those people :)

Angela Ackerman said...

Aw, you are awesome--thanks for the mention! I'll add @WriterThesaurus. It's my other account, and each tweet is a link to a writing tool or unusual writing resource I've found in my internet travels. :) AND, people should definitely be following you as well! You find (and blog!) the best stuff. :)

Ava Jae said...

Absolutely! Happy to help. :)

Ava Jae said...

Yay Twitter! And I'm glad to hear it--they're all really fantastic follows. :)

Ava Jae said...

Thank you so much, Angela! ^_^ And I was happy to add Becca and you to the list.

As for @WriterThesaurus, I think I follow that account? I'll have to double check. Thanks for the recommendation!

August McLaughlin said...

Happy to see some familiar folks on this list. Connecting with fabulous writers on Twitter helped demystify it for me, and even made it FUN! (LOL - I never imagined...)

Ava Jae said...

Yes! Twitter can be very fun, particularly when you're connecting with similar-minded people. :)

RockyMtnHi said...

You might also be interested in the indie publisher WildBlue Press tweets about writing, books, reading and literature. Very inspirational:

Ava Jae said...

Good to know. Thanks!

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