How Writers Can Use Pinterest by Alyssa Carlier

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I used to think Pinterest was for recipes or fashion blogs—until one time, I got the traffic in one day that I normally get in an entire WEEK. Crazy moment.

Turns out my blog post went viral on Pinterest. Coolest thing? It wasn’t even my pin—someone else read my blog post and decided to pin it. Pinterest can bring in readers even when you're not actively pinning on the site.

Here’s how writers can use Pinterest:

  1. Promote your own blog posts. Create a board JUST for posts of your own blog. That way, when new followers see your profile, they can easily find all your posts in a single place. But of course you should also have boards for pinning other people’s helpful blog posts!

  2. Adapt your images for Pinterest. If you’ve decided to leverage Pinterest as your main traffic source (high five!), use tall images so they take up more space in the Pinterest feed. Include your blog post title in the image as well! Most people are skimming on Pinterest, and a bold headline can catch their attention.

  3. Include a description in your pins. Here’s an easy formula if you’re not sure how to describe your post: problem + explanation + read this post! For example: Tired of YA science fiction cliches? This post discusses ways to subvert science fiction tropes. Read it to make your sci-fi more unique!

  4. Join group boards! To find group boards, search keywords such as “Sci-fi writing tips” in the Pinterest search bar, check out “boards”, and look for those with the grey silhouettes of people in the upper right hand corner.

  5. Include a RELEVANT link in your board descriptions. Say you have an inspiration board for your Fabulous Space Novel. So include in the board description, “Find out more about Fabulous Space Novel here: [link to blog page]!”

  6. Inspiration board for manuscripts. Let’s be honest, this is a procrastination tool more than anything else. But more than once, a pin has helped me visualise a character more clearly … besides, it is super fun.

Do you use Pinterest? Why or why not?

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